The “alinurVcadrage”, exhibition dated May 2005 was the first photography exhibition of Velidedeoglu who is known as a multi-talented person in the advertising world. He is also a designer, photographer, director, decorator and businessman. In his previous exhibition, the artist bought a differant perspective on concepts, such as, death, love, sex and time, using his installations. In his second exhibition, he turned his face towards a completely different direction; the poetic world of black and white photographs. “alinurVcadrage” enabled the birth of new cadrages, which entirely knocked down the established way of looking at the female body and re-speculated her most realistically… The exhibition drew our attention to the fact that nudity is a mental stripping rather than a physical one. By making new discoveries on the human body, it displayed that real eroticism lies in the unnoticed details. The exhibition, which has been defined as “extraorinary”, “disgusting”, “pornographic” and “bold” by people with different social backgrounds, shocked the visitors with its “cadrage room” the most. It showed that, whether positive or negative, all of our emotions are actually reflections of what is in our minds.