Alinur Velidedeoğlu is the founder of DFH, Direct-From-Home Network Inc., a broadcast company established in 1998 Laguna Hills, California. Since then DFH has been carrying Turkish television and radio broadcasts to all over North America, Canada, Alaska, Cuba, Hawai, and Caribbean Islands with the DTH (Direct-to-Home) system with subscription.

DFH Network is the first American broadcast company to carry its range of digital channels consisting of a large content such as series, movies, live news and football games to Turkish speaking households in North America and has been growing everyday.

Since the day established, 25. Dec, 1998, DFH has reached 20% of all of the Turkish speaking households in the United States of America and Canada. Also DFH had achieved to develop the largest data bank of 200.000 Turkish households in the United States of America.